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2236 SW Washburn Avenue, Topeka, KSĀ 
(One block south of 21st & Washburn)
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Full-Service Gas
Let us do the work while you stay in the comfort of your car!
  • Fill vehicle with gasoline (E10 regular, ethanol-free premium, or ethanol-free unleaded 102 high-octane)
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Check under hood
  • Check air pressure in tires (if needed)
Self-Serve Gas
  • Featuring ethanol-free premium and unleaded/ethanol-free 102 high-octane for those "special" vehicles requiring special fuel
Snack Shop
  • Featuring Go Fast Energy Drinks - Original, Light, and High Octane
  • Bottled and canned drinks
  • Candy, chips, etc.