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2236 SW Washburn Avenue, Topeka, KS 
(One block south of 21st & Washburn)
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New & Used Tires
  • All major brands
  • Authorized Hankook dealer
  • Mount/dismount and computerized dynamic spin balance
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) service to include repair, replacement, and reset of system
Tire Repair
  • ​Laser guided 4-wheel alignment to correct camber, caster, and toe vehicle settings to eliminate vehicle-induced irregular tire wear, and allow your vehicle to travel straight down the road
  • Identify leak and make repair if possible (if the tire has been penetrated in the belt-edge or sidewall area, repairs are not permitted per industry standard) using standard repair protocol (no exterior plugs), verify repair, inflate tire to proper pressure, reset TPMS (if applicable) and mount on vehicle

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